The Why & The What

The Why & The What of Ezer Agency

Why we exist

We exist because you do.  Ezer Agency was created to come alongside the world’s most elite, hard working athletes and bring day-to-day support with their responsibilities and obligations by providing the individual services they need to stay focused on being their best and living out their dreams. 


We link arms and become an extension of you.  The sole purpose of our Athlete Relations Managers (ARM) is just that – to be an extra arm for you.  You will feel more accomplished and productive with our ARMs.  It’s never about us.  It’s always about you.  We won't change you.  We will enhance you.  While we won’t pretend to know how or what it is to be a professional athlete, we do know there are daily demands outside the gym, cage, and off the field that need attention in order for you to maintain your strong influence, growth and high level of success.    

Here are just a few areas where Ezer Agency ARMs can bring support:

  • Schedule / keep track of what you have going daily & make sure to you stay on point (outside of training).
  • Media Relations / respond to media requests…you know those ones that say they only need 5 minutes but turns into 30?
  • Appearances / coordinate personal appearances, seminars & speaking engagements…you get paid to be you. That’s fun.  
  • Travel / handle all travel accommodations making sure to schedule around training & your home life. Oh & secure that window or aisle seat you love.
  • Social Media Support / help maintain social media platforms so they can “Google” you.
  • Schedule doctor appointments & any post training recovery treatment / even when you want to expose your body to -240 F.
  • Track payments from sponsors, appearances & seminars / you’re not a businessman, you’re a business, man (or woman). 

Every athletes' demands are not the same so we can work together to customize a plan that works best for you. 


Please note: It is essential for us to build a solid trust foundation with every a part of your current support system - managers, agent, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, family, coaches and training partners.  We want to honor the relationships you have and partner with them in bringing out the best you.